Testimonials | Carrie Stepp
A Few Thoughts From Clients


Congratulations on being part of something that is award winning! Our General Manager’s program won a Training Excellence Award in the Jolt Category. This was the category I was most hoping to win and we did! We could not have done this without your creativity, hard work and professionalism! Here’s a toast to many more great things to come!
T. Gillis, CEO & Corporate Sales Trainer

As an Editor and Publisher, I work with a lot of people on a daily basis. Sometimes, you get to work with a colleague that just transcends the norm. Carrie Stepp is one of those extraordinary people. Working with her as a proofreader and as an Author has been one of the best professional experiences of my career. Carrie makes the process so streamlined and fulfilling. We were in total alignment throughout the writing and editing process. Her commitment and passion are unmatched in the industry. I would welcome the chance to work with her again, as it doesn’t even feel like work! She is truly a gift.
A. Saia, CEO of and Co-owner/Editorial Director of Positive Media Press

Carrie Stepp is the real deal. She’s out in the world, taking risks and actively fulfilling dreams. Many people will say they can guide you in various ways, but they simply don’t possess enough real-world experience and commitment to get you where you want to be. Carrie has both real-world experience and success, as well as immense resources to successfully guide you in the way that serves your highest interest and expression. I honestly have not come across someone who works as hard as I’ve seen Carrie work in helping others! I have experienced an in-person workshop with Carrie and also had the honor of joining her as a Co-Author. Carrie inspires those who partner with her, as her positive energy is contagious and it creates an atmosphere that opens itself to miracles. I am constantly inspired by Carrie and the incredible ways she is serving in our world. You can trust Carrie to help you achieve your dreams, whether that is creating an eCourse, publishing your book, or discovering how to get out of your own way so that your brilliance can shine. I am absolutely a better person for knowing Carrie Stepp!
Anne Arndt, M.A., CHT, Transformational Coach & Registered Psychotherapist

I reach out to Carrie when I’m looking for someone with impressive visual design skills who also has the technical know-how to develop exceptional e-learning programs. She has a great eye for creating professional designs, such as how to use white space, images, colors, etc. When working with her, it’s evident she has a lot of valuable experience that she brings to the table. She asks appropriate questions throughout a project to ensure understanding, and she’s always so pleasant too!
L. Matzner, Senior Designer & Project Manager

Carrie Stepp came into my life at a time when I was feeling very creatively locked!  Carrie’s website spoke about “expanding knowledge and achieving dreams” and that’s exactly what happened for me.  Through working with Carrie, I realized that an online course for my business could be more than just a dream. It actually became a reality. Carrie provided expert guidance, creative design, positivity, printable resources, templates and a gentle kick-in-the-pants when I needed to stop dreaming and start working!  Following her guidance, I came away from her program with an introductory course, personalized for MY business; a course that will soon be added to my website. Most importantly, I now have a working template to finish the four additional modules, plus the knowledge and confidence I need to complete those modules myself and launch my course. If you have a dream burning inside you, Carrie will help to get it out of your head and bring it to life.
A. Lindgren, Business Owner & Transformational Author

The world is blessed by Carrie Stepp. Her vision to create collaborative books is her calling, through which she inspires others to connect, collaborate and create. Spending a weekend at her retreat was transformative! With access to Creative Workshops, Reiki and a like-minded community, we identified and broke through our own self-limiting beliefs and barriers from the past, to emerge centered and empowered to build the life of our dreams. Thank you Carrie for this life-changing experience and the coaching, guidance and encouragement you provide to each of us.
Maggie Owens, Human Resources & Organizational Development

Carrie, What a spectacular 3 days at your retreat! From the amazing meals, accommodations, creative classroom instruction, hands on exercises, reiki training from Anne Arndt and so much more! What an honor to hear your personal story and to see what you’ve brought to life by dreaming boldly! You are truly a gifted leader and inspiration! I love how you combine a truly creative mind with the ability to teach how to execute, as very few can combine these gifts! Thank you for opening and sharing your heart & home with a group of wonderful women, as it was a very enriching experience for me.
Janel Schaumburg, Broker Associate in Denver, CO

I was so fortunate to be able to participate in Carrie’s retreat! The entire experience was life-changing and magical. I learned so much; from what my abundance blocks are, to a meditation that was so healing. I got to be around supportive, successful women that I am now friends with for life! Carrie’s guidance and training was insightful and powerful. I am forever grateful for all that I received at this retreat. I highly recommend Carrie and her training.
Lisa Taton, Medical Esthetician in Denver, CO

Carrie is a dream weaver. She is patient, kind and guided a team of authors to compile a wonderful masterpiece filled with words of wisdom, life lessons and an invitation for the reader to soar. It is an honor. Under her guidance, we received International Best-Seller status within 48 hours. Amazon #1 in HOT NEW Releases, Happiness, Dreams, Superheroes, Goddesses and more! What a privilege. Cannot wait to work with her again on another project. Thank you Carrie.
J. Jimbere, President of Jimbere Coaching and Consulting

I enjoyed the depth of knowledge that I gained from Carrie Stepp. She has the drive of a 757 Jet. Her knowledge of writing and dreams helped me become a co-author in a book she published! She brought out so much in me that was embedded for years. Her templates of listing your 100 Dreams will help all that are stuck in believing that their dreams cannot be accomplished or come true. She has a phenomenal spirit and great love for family, people, and her Tribe. She is one of the greatest people that I have come to know. I will never forget her. Thank you Carrie and much love is soaring your way!
N. Williams, Empowerment and positive psychology coach, writer and business owner

Today, I was dared to dream boldly. What does that mean? For many years I have had goals, dreams, and visions. Mostly modest ones, because I felt, are they really realistic for me? Or I listened to the titles or labels that were given to me, teen Mom, failure, too good, stuck up, irresponsible, undeserving, etc. I started to believe those labels, and I let them hold me back. But today, I realized that I am not defined by any chains. Hearing success stories and real life obstacles from someone that had a very similar lifestyle, choices, and obstacles as I did really opened my eyes and my inner self. I was forced to get out of my comfort zone and face my own obstacles, pain, experiences, and choices. Many tears came to the surface and turned into a smile. I was told, “Life is not just about finding yourself, but creating yourself.” So I realized, it is time for me to decide! Today was an affirmation, and I decided. It is time! I want to live life, I want to create memories, I want to manifest miracles, I want to declare my own legacy! Everyone has 1440 minutes each day, I am deciding what I am doing with mine. I have set dreams, and they WILL come true as God decides they should, on his timing.
Jessie C.

Carrie Stepp is an exceptional and caring person who is always there to encourage and inspire. I am honored to be included as a co-author of the best-selling book “Dream Boldly, I Dare You!” along with my fellow gifted and talented co-authors. I thank you, Carrie, for this honor and privilege, and for the reminder to keep dreaming!
L. Bush, Author

Carrie, I’ve been able to take a quick look at the first few slides so far, but wanted to send you a note letting you know how great everything is looking!! You do great work and I so appreciate your help on this. Will let you know if I have any questions, but overall it looks beautiful. Thank you!
H. Bailey, Director of Worldwide Sales

I have to tell you, Carrie Stepp. I think you are a miracle worker. I swear to you that my life started to shift after our talk. I seriously mean that.
Allison, Positive Media Ventures, Author & Editor

It’s been a pleasure working with you on countless projects together as you’ve always been a pleasure to work with. Either on the phone or face to face, you’ve always been so pleasant. You’re highly skilled and able to communicate in a straight-forward way, explaining technological issues clearly and concisely, always knowing exactly what needs to be done. You’re such a hard worker that makes sure things are done correctly the first time, so there are rarely any revisions. Thank you as you’re clearly the right person for the job!
A Knox, Digital Media Artist

You have done a wonderful job getting all of this information together. Thank you!  When I was a salesperson these modules helped me out a lot so if there is anything that you need from me or our corporate family, I’d be glad to help.
C. Evans, Sales Manager

You do great work, and I very much appreciate your attitude and willingness to share your talent beyond your current boundaries.
Jackie M, Corporate Trainer

Carrie, These courses are great, fantastic, beautiful, etc. etc. etc.!!!
Janette F, Vice President Ashley Furniture Indusries

Carrie, Thank you! You have gone above and beyond to assist us and I am grateful to you.
S. Ding, China

This is an amazing job of teaching while keeping it very interesting. I enjoyed your course on how diet change affected an actual family and not lab rats. This hits home for me as I suffer from RA and autoimmune diseases and feel this could be the answer to my prayers. Thank You!
Deb E, Homemaker

Wow, this is great! I loved how the course was designed and enjoyed learning in this way. I was able to stay connected and the steps make it seem easy for me to give it a try. I’m excited to try some of the helpful tips that were provided.
Christy A, Teacher

Thank you Carrie! Teachers need to incorporate this type of engaged learning to students and allow them to explore their interests, or have access to more resources in areas where they struggle. I loved the resources and the check for understanding. I saved all the resources so I can refer back to them as I try the suggestions. I also liked the tips in your method of training.
A. Elgert, Speech Therapist