Dream of bringing digital courses or books to life?

Get the content out of your heart + soul to serve the world!

Want to generate passive income with ease?

Discover your niche and be the master of your craft!

Want to create balance and amplify your productivity?

Add passion, purpose + creativity to your work and play!

Manifest your dreams and transform your life!

Receive transformational guidance and wisdom while
bringing your Digital Courses, Webinars, or eBooks to life!


What’s Being Unlocked For You?

In this Masterclass, you’ll identify your unique niche, develop your digital passive income strategy, outline & storyboard your online course/webinar/presentation, receive design secrets that enhance your project and publishing tips to bring your digital course to life! You’ll then take that content and leverage it further into various passive income products, go behind the scenes of publishing to Amazon and other successful online platforms. You’ll unlock unique strategies to design creative passive income products digitally from an industry leading expert!


8 weeks of self guidance + inspiration.
Watch digital products come to life from
concept, storyboard, recording & publishing.
Develop your digital passive income strategy.


Go behind the scenes of a multi-six-figure,
successful digital product enterprise.
Interactive and narrated eLearning courses
to guide you step-by-step.
All recorded & available to refer back to.


(2) Q&A monthly group coaching calls
to get any questions answered.
All will be recorded for playback.


“Direction is so much more important than speed.
Many are going nowhere fast” Marie Forleo

You’ll Also Receive…Templates, Printables & Bonuses

template_all_unlocked_full[ABOVE: A few of the digital course .ppt templates with rapid design elements you’ll receive access to]

This course series will guide you step by step to bring your digital product(s) to life
Includes: Digital courses, webinars, presentations, ebooks, digital products…
Gain clarity and focus with powerful strategies to get into the creative zone quickly
Receive inspiration, expanded knowledge and step-by-step guidance
Unlock various creative PowerPoint templates with unique rapid design elements
Receive helpful resources, techniques, printables and insider success secrets
Establish a solid foundation as you begin unlocking multiple streams of income
Access a private, supportive community to collaborate with









Achieve Results…

Enhance your creativity
Awaken to new knowledge
Expand your product offerings
Master your craft
Bring digital products to life
Discover dynamic design secrets
Unlock creative templates
Strategies for passive income


A creative life is an amplified life. It’s a bigger life, a happier and expanded life — and a hell of a lot more interesting life! Elizabeth Gilbert, Best Selling Author

It’s YOUR TIME to craft the life you’ve been dreaming of!

You are inherently designed to be an idea generator. From deep within, a slow fire has been ignited and it’s been smoldering in your heart and soul for some time. You can feel it in your gut and it creeps into your head at night. It continues to remind you every so often that it’s patiently waiting for you to unlock your passion and purpose. I hope you’ll join me on the adventure that awaits you.

This Masterclass is intended to help you get that intellectual property out of your head, organize it and prepare to set it free to serve the world. One of our soul purposes is to serve and in order to do so, you must acknowledge and receive your gifts. Each and every one of us is granted unique gifts to master and share. The universe is waiting for you to step into your brilliance and shine brightly! Keeping your gifts hidden inside of you serves no one. Maybe you’ve forgotten what your gifts are, but your brilliance can be re-ignited with the spark of a single thought or idea.

Someone out there needs exactly what it is you’ve been hiding. Let’s unlock that treasure chest of brilliance buried within and transform it into a digital course, presentation webinar, storybook or e-book. This self-paced course will take you behind the scenes of digital products in process and provide you with the tools needed to bring your digital products to life sooner!  Your time to thrive is now.

Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working. Pablo Picasso

Your Success Coach: Designer of World Class eLearning Courses, International Best-Selling Author & Award Winning Inventor

Since we’re embarking on this journey together, let’s get to know one another. I’m Carrie Stepp, a Midwestern country girl full of heart and branded in technology.  Master Teacher is my life’s purpose and my mission is to inspire, enlighten and empower the world in which we serve. This course is designed for you to experience breakthroughs, open doors to the opportunities you’re destined for and experience the magic that happens once you unlock the  powerful combination to receive your authentic gifts. I’ll be sharing the systems I’ve put in place to get me into the creative zone daily while providing the tools and resources you need to create digital passive income products.

I’ve devoted my life’s work to being a lifelong learner and have mastered the Art of the Creative process, so I’m now paying it forward to share the knowledge and wisdom gained. I’ve been deep in the trenches for over 22 years designing interactive, world-class eLearning courses and digital products for global clients, developing award winning patents, writing international best-selling books and so much more.

I’ve manifested all of my deepest desires I once thought impossible. My journey wasn’t always an easy one though and there was little available for me to turn to. I don’t want that for you. I’ve been blessed and am beyond grateful for all that I’ve learned, encountered and broken free from.  For a limited time, I’m offering this unique opportunity and invaluable insight to you. I’ll provide the keys, but you must be willing to open the doors, as I can’t want this more for you, than you want it for you. Insert the keys that unlock the power that resides within you.

Sharing just a few of the world-class organizations I’ve guided:

Ready to expand your offerings?
Let’s bring your digital courses, webinars, presentations or e-books
to life and begin generating passive income!








smallkey  You’re ready to take action & do the work necessary
smallkey  You’re ready to unlock your creative potential
smallkey  You want to create digital passive income products
smallkey  You hold yourself to the highest level of integrity
smallkey  You’re ready to put an end to the struggle
smallkey  You enjoy collaborating with like-minded people


smallkey  You’re not open to exploring new ideas or expanding
smallkey  You have all the knowledge & expertise you need
smallkey  Your nature is inherently negative, as it kills creativity
smallkey  You’re judgmental and not open to possibility

My Clients Say It  Best…

“Carrie Stepp came into my life at a time when I was feeling very creatively locked!  Carrie’s website spoke about “expanding knowledge and achieving dreams” and that’s exactly what happened for me.  Through working with Carrie, I realized that an online course for my business could be more than just a dream. It actually became a reality. Carrie provided expert guidance, creative design, positivity, printable resources, templates and a gentle kick-in-the-pants when I needed to stop dreaming and start working!  Following her guidance, I came away from her program with an introductory course, personalized for MY business; a course that will soon be added to my website. Most importantly, I now have a working template to finish the four additional modules, plus the knowledge and confidence I need to complete those modules myself and launch my course. If you have a dream burning inside you, Carrie will help to get it out of your head and bring it to life.”  A. Lindgren, Business Owner & Transformational Author

“Congratulations on being part of something that is award winning! Our General Manager’s program won a Training Excellence Award in the Jolt Category. This was the category I was most hoping to win and we did! We could not have done this without your creativity, hard work and professionalism! Here’s a toast to many more great things to come!”  T. Gillis, Business Owner & Sales Trainer

“It’s been a pleasure working with you on countless projects together as you’ve always been a pleasure to work with. Either on the phone or face to face, you’ve always been so pleasant. You’re highly skilled and able to communicate in a straight-forward way, explaining technological issues clearly and concisely, always knowing exactly what needs to be done. You’re such a hard worker that makes sure things are done correctly the first time, so there are rarely any revisions. Thank you as you’re clearly the right person for the job!”  A Knox, Senior Digital Media Artist

“I reach out to Carrie when I’m looking for someone with impressive visual design skills who also has the technical know-how to develop exceptional e-learning programs. She has a great eye for creating professional designs, such as how to use white space, images, colors, etc. When working with her, it’s evident she has a lot of valuable experience that she brings to the table. She asks appropriate questions throughout a project to ensure understanding, and she’s always so pleasant too!”  L. Matzner, Senior Program Manager & Designer

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Reaching your mountain top shouldn’t be dark + difficult.
Accept this journey and I’ll light your path, step by step.
Carrie Stepp